Lisa Dover

After an internship with a local news station my senior year of high school I started to question my career path. I wanted to do something I was good at and in a low stress environment. I was always the type of person to give a massage to a friend of family member who were tense. So one day at work while giving a shoulder massage to friend, someone suggested I go to school for massage. I hadn’t thought of that as a career. It was just something I did because it came naturally to me and I liked it. Luckily, the friend who suggested this had a family member who was a Massage Therapist. She gave me my first professional massage and I loved it! Upon her recommendation I found The Body Therapy Center School of Massage in Swansea Illinois. I thought even if I don’t choose this as my career I would like to learn more about the body. I like dance and movement and have excelled in that area so learning anatomy and physiology sounded fun. Since I like to massage those who I care about in my life learning how to do that better couldn’t hurt.

After my first month of training I knew without a doubt I would go on to work as a massage therapist! I graduated January of 2001 and became Nationally Certified In June 2001.

Once the director of my school ask me what is your favorite modality? Our training included Swedish (relaxing circulatory massage), Deep Tissue, Aromatherapy, and Sports Massage. My answer was deep tissue. I told her I felt a sense of accomplishment when a client’s trigger points began to release right under my fingers, or elbow, during the session. For many year this was the focus of my practice. I continue to receive referrals for this type of work from clients, Chiropractors, and even an Orthopedic Surgeon.

As I took continuing education class for massage I noticed the awareness I gained from subtle techniques, such as Lymphatic Drainage Therapy Levels I & II, helped my other techniques. In our basic massage training we discussed pregnancy precautions. But after taking Pre- and Perinatal Massage I felt much more informed about how the women’s body changes and why we take these precautions.

In the summer of 2007 I went to Florida to study The Barkan Method of Hot Yoga. I had been practicing this method of yoga for about a year and a half and had noticed how it had helped me feel better. I was more energized and didn’t feel like I need a massage as often! I wanted to share that with my clients. After completion of my Level I training in July 2007 I then returned to Florida for Level II training that October. I have had several massage client enjoy the benefits of learning this method of yoga. It’s satifing to me to see them in yoga class helping to influence the areas I often work on when they ask for massage. Even better is when they comment that the yoga is helping to keep them flexible and they are getting a relaxing general massage instead of a session targeting tension!

Feedback is so important to me. I want the clients investment in massage to bring them the most benefit possible. With good communication we can customize the session to meet their needs. I benefit from client feedback. It helps me as I continue to learn.

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