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Professional Massage

Massage in the work place has been show to help with stress reduction, improve circulation, restoring energy levels and helping keep the body injury free. Make an appointment to set up your business for professional chair massages.

  • Ashley Glidewell
    I injured myself due to a fall. The Chiro did all he could do with me; he did help me get my bones back where they should be. I was still in a lot of pain so I contacted Lisa Dover. She had me feeling like a new woman. 100% A+ Service. I highly recommend her.
    Ashley Glidewell
  • Michele Cheatham
    I think one of the larger benefits to having a massage is taking time just for yourself, no husband, children, boss or other responsibilities, just you time. The first time I had a massage with Lisa I was amazed by how much I could turn my head to look behind me when backing out of the parking lot.  I also felt a weight or tension had been lifted and it was easier to stretch before exercising.  The aching between my shoulder blades and low back area was gone.
    Michele Cheatham
  • Lois Anderson
    Lisa's place is quiet and comfortable, and she loves what she does.  Her massage was thorough and made me feel so much better.  She really spent time on the trouble spots. I felt too good to even worry about whether I deserved the pampering
    Lois Anderson