Breath & Relax


What to Expect

Arrive 15 minutes early to allow time to fill out paperwork, ask any questions you may have and get set up for class. Remember to bring your mat. If you do not have your own mat, let me know before your first class. Drink plenty of water the day of the class. Hydration is especially important when practicing Yoga. Some poses flush and squeeze the kidneys which releases toxins. Water is needed to help your body process & eliminate toxins. Drinking water is also important during and after class.

Due to the compression and twisting of the stomach in some postures. Try to avoid eating two hours before class. If you need to eat something before class, fruit is best because it is easily digested.

What to Wear

Wear light weight, breathable clothing. Something you are comfortable sweating in, and will allow freedom of movement. No shoes are worn in yoga so please take them off before entering the yoga room.

How to Benefit

Be gentle with yourself. It takes time to learn the postures. You will gain more faster from mindfulness rather then pushing yourself too hard. Frustration does not serve you in your yoga practice. Instead allow yourself to play and enjoy. Be curious about what new awareness you may learn about your body, that will be beneficial off the mat as well!.


Yoga is intended to create balance and healing in body and mind. Intentional focus on release of old patterns and reeducation of tissues as well as thought patterns. Throughout years of massage and yoga I've discovered a subtle approach is far more affective than a heavy-handed approach.

Customized sessions to address your unique needs. We will use breath work, relaxation, teaching, stretching, strengthening and mental focus. Helping to clear the mind chatter and awaken the flow of energy throughout the body.

Poses in this practice are often adaptations of modern yoga poses that are modified by sitting on a chair, or standing and using a chair for support. It offers a practical alternative for those who find a traditional class out of their comfort zone. Chair Yoga excellent for those facing mobility limitations.

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Private Sessions Available for Individuals and Couples

Business Classes Available

Learn techniques to help manage work place stress and reduce common pain associated with sitting at a desk with yoga. Call today to schedule your office.